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Discover your Ideal Way today!

The Ideal Protein Ketogenic Weight Loss Protocol is a medically developed four phase protocol containing two key components – weight loss and a healthier lifestyle education so that you are empowered to sustain your weight loss results.

Lifestyle Phases

  • WEIGHT LOSS: Followed until 100% of your weight loss goal is achieved.
  • PRE-STABILIZATION: Learning the fundamentals of food and how it impacts your body.
  • PRE-STABILIZATION: Focusing on developing smart eating habits and better lifestyle living!
  • MAINTENANCE: Maintaining your Ideal Weight and the new you! The Ideal You!

Ideal Services

  • Ideal Way

  • Oral Appetite Suppressant

  • Lipotropic Injection

  • See pricing below.

Oral Suppressant

Appetite suppressants are used in combination with a specified diet plan/activity.
Modifications to help patient shed unwanted pounds
In your consultation we will discuss your health history and to determine which option would benefit your lifestyle need.

Lipotropic Injection

Lipotropic injections are supplements used as an aid in fat loss. Incorporating diet and exercise modifications will significantly aid weight loss. Injections are a combination of ingredients that increase fat metabolism and boost overall wellness. They also include components that boost energy and help with regeneration process of the skin, immune system, memory, and improve blood sugar control. The injections also consist of vitamins, amino acids, as well as other natural components.

The Ideal Way

Located at Pickens County Primary Care, PC

For more information schedule a consultation!

Brandy Junkin, CRNP/Coach

Julia L. Boothe, M.D.

108 4th Ave SW, Suite A

Reform, AL 35481

(205) 828-3440

Beginning March 1, 2023

Length of Time and Price

1. All Consult videos- 20 mins ($50) due at the time of check in. After the video, you will be scheduled to see Brandy ($100) due at time of check in.
2. Medicine Refill (Adipex)- 30 min ($50)
3. Procedures- 45min- 1hr (Prices may vary)
4. Diabetes visit (DM)- 30 min-45min (copay of insurance)
5. Lipoject shot ($25)
6. Monthly weigh in ($30)- visit with Brandy (additional fees added)
7. Semaglutide weekly shot $75 for 0.1-0.2 or $135 for 0.4- vials available prices will vary depending on dosage


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