Project Description

Identifying and Addressing Barriers to Classroom Success, and Thus Creating Optimal Conditions for Learning

The proactive Smart Student Health – SMART™ – solution aims to break the cycle of poverty and improve the trajectory of lives by supporting academic achievement. SMART™ deploys an Active Access strategy to deliver Active Care—integrative physical and behavioral health interventions, as well as reducing barriers to educational attainment and competence.

SMART™ integrates a population health focused approach to ensure the wellness of ALL students in the building through a combination of intervention methods to prevent, screen, and manage any health risks, thus reducing barriers to academic success.

Reform Elementary Clinic – (205) 375-2438

Pickens County High School Clinic – (205) 375-2304

Gordo Clinic – (205) 364-0284

Carrollton  Clinic – (205) 367-1115

Clinic hours of operation are while school is in session.

What makes SMART Student Health and Wellness Centers Unique?

  • Academic Purpose

  • Collaborative Approach

  • Interdisciplinary Viewpoint

  • Focus on Wellness of ALL Students

  • Prevention-Based

  • Proactive Engagement

  • Outcomes-Oriented

  • Entrepreneurial Culture

  • Data-Driven

  • Sustainable Business Model

The Proof is in the Data

SMART Clinic Locations



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