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GeneSight GeneSight Psychotropic is a pharmacogenomic test which means that it analyzes how your genes may affect medication outcomes. The GeneSight test analyzes clinically important genetic variations in your DNA. Results can inform your doctor about how you may break down or respond to [...]


GoldenPoint Scientific Laboratory

GoldenPoint Scientific Laboratory GoldenPoint Scientific Laboratories is a medical laboratory based in Pelham, Alabama. Goldenpoint utilizes its proprietary software platform to deliver timely, actionable results to providers. Goldenpoint was voted “top 10 US clinical lab service providers” by Life Sciences Review Magazine in 2023. [...]



Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) therapy offers remission from depression, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), anxiety, as well as other psychiatric and certain neurological conditions. Depression affects 1 in every 8 people in the United States. When you suffer, don’t lose hope [...]



Cardiology Pickens County Primary Care is pleased to house cardiology consultants most Wednesdays for cardiology services. Our Cardiology Consultants, PC. can diagnose your problem and recommend the best treatment plan for you. For questions regarding these services contact our cardiology consultants at (205) 752-0694. [...]


AMP ICON Laser Treatments

Stop the Cover-up! Our IconTM IPL treatment is a quick and easy way to undo the damage caused by the sun including vessels, sun spots, and freckles. You may be just a few treatment session away from a clear and glowing complexion [...]


Primary Care

Primary Care Having a primary care doctor is a key component of good health. Your primary care doctor helps coordinate all your care and serves as your personal health advocate, so it's important to establish a long-term relationship so your doctor is familiar with [...]



X-Rays X-rays are the most basic form of imaging tests, which are diagnostic procedures used to view the body’s internal structures. You do not need to do anything to prepare for an X-ray and the test should not cause any significant discomfort. These tests [...]


Synergy Lab

Synergy Laboratories Synergy currently works with over 180 clinics & hospitals throughout the Southeast and are in-network with many commercial, federal, and local-government insurance plans. We integrate with the most common EHR systems in the country and offer both unilateral and bilateral options for [...]



Orthopedics Pickens County Primary Care is pleased to house Dr. Claytor every Tuesday for orthopedic services. Whether you have a simple sprain or a complex fracture, Dr. Claytor can diagnose your problem and recommend the best treatment plan for you. For questions regarding these [...]


Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Management Our providers are highly trained in chronic care management and helping patients control health problems that could become serious if not given the proper attention. Fortunately, with the proper guidance, chronic care management can help you feel better and improve your overall [...]



If you are being treated for a condition that may require the use of a controlled substance, your healthcare provider may enroll you in the Perspectives in Care. Controlled substance therapy comes with certain risks that can negatively impact your treatment and screening for those [...]


SMART Student Health

Identifying and Addressing Barriers to Classroom Success, and Thus Creating Optimal Conditions for Learning The proactive Smart Student Health – SMART™ – solution aims to break the cycle of poverty and improve the trajectory of lives by supporting academic achievement. SMART™ deploys an Active [...]

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